Once plentiful in the cradle of civilization — The Mediterranean, and particularly in the waters surrounding Greece — the common dolphins are becoming so scarce, they now reside on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. Dolphins are highly intelligent and considered in many cultures to be a sacred link between humans and Gods. In antiquity, killing a dolphin was an act punishable in some countries by death. But today, dolphins face countless threats across the globe. Extreme over-fishing, severe lack of marine-protected areas, habitat degradation, trawling, marine pollution, and illegal harvesting (notably profiled in the recent documentary, The Cove) continues to threaten the survival of this magical creature.

Dolphins symbolize the relationship of humans with their environment. Their disappearance in the Mediterranean is not unique. Sadly, it is happening all over the world as we carelessly exhaust our oceans’ reserves.

How You Can Help

Write to the Greek Fisheries Commissioner, Maria Damanaki , and encourage her to support the CALL to save the last dolphins of the Inner Ionian Sea.

Or to directly support the Tethys Research Institute, visit:

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