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No Forest,

No Future

After a trip to the Congo in the Winter of 2016, Sylvie was enthralled to see the last remaining silverback gorillas in their natural habitats, which are rapidly disappearing. These brilliant, empathetic creatures, whose DNA is nearly identical to ours, need the forest as much as we do.

Every minute, 50 acres of rainforest are slashed and burned, eliminating two dozen species every day. The clearing of woodlands by fire generates 15% of all global warming emissions– more than all the cars and trucks on the planet. A portion of the proceeds of the Save the Forest Palette will aid the Rainforest Alliance and its impactful work in protecting our planet’s dwindling forests and the precious wildlife that depends on them.

Shimmering and earthy, the palette of four eye shades is embossed with an image of a gorilla that was actually taken by Sylvie in Rwanda. It features a deep brown, a soft highlighting nude, a glimmering ochre, and an olive green, all shades that were inspired by the lush beauty of the Congo.

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