A true passion for conservation led Stephanie Dolrenry and Leela Hazzah, the founders of the Lion Guardians, to settle in Kenya. Both have devoted their careers to conserving lions and preserving cultures, and their perseverance with groundbreaking and impactful conservation methods in the community lands adjacent to Kenya’s Amboseli National Park are proof of their commitment. After immersing themselves in the local Maasai culture and teaching the Maasai youth to use GPS technology to track the local lion population, communities have realized that attuning themselves to the lions and respecting their patterns and habits is the only way to live together with the majestic creatures. What has resulted is a cherished relationship between the Maasai and the lions, and an empowered generation of tribespeople, who, with the resources of education and technology, have evolved from people who once killed lions to become Lion Guardians.

You can support the Lion Guardian’s directly by sponsoring a Guardian’s annual salary of $1,500 through their fiscal sponsor Lion Guardians U.S.

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