Why Bébé is Different:

Inspired by the most nurturing mama of all— Mother Nature- and the instinctive way that wild animals tend to their babies’ needs, Chantecaille Bébé introduces a new way to care for your baby: a pure, plant-powered line of COSMOS certified organic skincare and bath-care products mothers will covet— and perhaps use themselves. The Wild Moss Rose at the heart of the collection is a soothing and nourishing natural plant which nurtures the skin. 

"As a new parent, I wanted products that I trusted implicitly—pure, high-quality, safe formulas. I couldn't find them, so I made them!"
-Olivia Chantecaille


Each product in the Chantecaille Bébé line is certified organic according to the COSMOS standard. We have secured certification from COSMOS for all of our Bébé products because it is on track to become the most widely-used organic and natural cosmetic standard globally, and we wanted to pass on that level of assurance and trust to parents.

COSMOS upholds the highest standards of organic and natural cosmetics from start to finish, using a comprehensive certification that involves a review of the product’s total environmental and human impact. In addition to the integrity and purity of the ingredients in each formula, Bébé products are packaged in 100% recyclable, innovative airless tubes which dispense easily (and to the last drop), won’t collapse, use less plastic than conventional airless packaging and allows us to safely reduce the level of preservatives in our product base.

Bébé products are all allergy and dermatologically tested; gluten, soy and wheat-free; PETA certified cruelty-free and free of any chemical additives, phthalates, SLS, or dyes. A sweet blend of orange blossom and mandarin essential oils provides a beautiful, natural scent that enriches each product, and leaves a calming, fresh fragrance in the air after use

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Orange Blossom
    relaxing properties
    Organic / Flower Waters

  • Wild Moss Rose
    moisturizes + soothes

  • Corn Flower (Bluet)
    calming delicate skin
    Organic / Flower Waters

  • Roman Chamomile
    refreshes + calms sensitive skin
    Organic / Flower Waters

  • Calendula
    soothing + healing

  • Lime Tree
    refreshes + calms sensitive skin
    Organic / Flower Waters

  • Green Tea
    skin softening + tonic
    Organic / Moisturizing

  • Tamanu Oil
    regenerating + soothing to skin
    Organic / Nourishing

  • Aloe
    soothes, moisturizes + purifies
    Organic / Soothing

  • Avocado Oil
    moisturizing + regenerative to skin
    Organic / Skin Softening

  • Argan Oil
    softening, moisturizing + nourishing

  • Coconut Oil
    soothing + emollient

  • Apricot Oil
    nourishing + emollient
    Skin Softening

  • Olive Oil
    moisturizing + emollient to skin

  • Red Alga
    soothing + moisturizing to skin

Our Innovative Tubes:

"When I saw this innovative new tube, I knew it would be perfect for my Bébé line! It literally solved all my problems in one squeeze! - it keeps all of our organic Bébé formulas safe from contamination because it is completely airless, and it dispenses perfectly with each squeeze down to the last drop, it never loses its shape and stands up without toppling. Plus it's 100% recyclable."
-Olivia Chantecaille


Trust & Purity:

  • 100% Vegan

  • No Animal Testing

  • Dermatologically Tested

  • Allergy Tested



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