The future is Feminine.

For spring we’ve partnered with three exceptional women who are working in separate regions in Africa on distinctly different projects, but with similar zeal and dedication to change the conversation about conservation.

Our muses this Spring are
passionate, intelligent, empowering, steadfast.

Their deep understanding of the communities they have settled in has led them to create solutions that improve the livelihood of the locals while developing a pride and an affection for their local wildlife. Dr. Stephanie Dolrenry said it best​: ​"These are your lions", she told ​the local​ Maasai​, ​when she arrived in Amboseli with hopes of protecting the dwindling lion population there. ​"If you want to live with them that is your choice. All I can do is facilitate that process". Her ability to turn hunters into protectors is a shining example of the intuitive power of working with nature, not against it, which the best conservation efforts always do.

Dr. Lucy King

"We’re reducing human & elephant conflict"
- Dr. Lucy King

Helping elephants share their land with humans is the driving force of Dr. Lucy King’s brilliant work in Africa. Her beehive fences are​ natural solutions to keeping elephants (who are terrified of bees) away from crops that are the livelihood of local farmers.

The fences have​ created a wave of conservation and industry growth in regions across Africa. A win-win situation created by a simple, but genius innovation that works ​in concert with the animals and locals to make sure each has what they need to thrive.

Angela Sheldrick

"Our vet units have helped save 2,000 elephants lives"
- Angela Sheldrick

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya is world ​-​renowned for their work rescuing baby elephants and caring for them until they are sound in body and spirit and ready to pursue their life in the wild. Angela Sheldrick has committed her life to saving elephants, continuing the legacy her parents built by becoming a tenacious anti-poaching advocate.

The team she leads is dedicated to preserving the elephants' natural habitat in Tsavo through their anti-poaching units, which monitor the area via aerial surveillance and on the ground, dismantling snares and arresting wildlife offenders. Her strength and natural leadership in such a critical arena of the wild is a huge inspiration to us.

Dr. Stephanie Dolrenry

"Today we have a lion population that has tripled in numbers"
- Dr. Stephanie Dolrenry

As a founder of the Lion Guardians, Stephanie Dolrenry has immersed herself in the bush in Amboseli National Park, devising a groundbreaking conservation method that works with local Maasai tribespeople to empower and educate them. Her courageous, intuitive efforts use GPS technology to track lions and help locals to understand and react to their behavior, eliminating the need to hunt the big cats for protection.

This innovative idea has helped to protect the diminishing lion population while also providing the Maasai with the tools of knowledge, language, and a fluency in technology which helps them provide for their families without needing to leave their homes. A woman of huge determination and passion for her work, Dolrenry inspires us with her fierce dedication and unabashed love for the savage beauty of the wild.

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